Artifact of Truth!

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Artifact of Truth!

Post by Portgas D. Ace on Sun Jan 27, 2013 10:13 am

Artifact of Truth

Job Name: Artifact of Truth
Job Rank: D
Description: You hear of a rumor of a magical device located far into the uncharted regions of the world. It was according to rumor supposed to be the answer to the questions that you held all your life, no matter what it was or how far fetched it seemed, it promised to deliver the answers you seek. You will find the artifact in a tower that seems untouched by the elements. It looks exactly the way it was built as if it was built yesterday. As you get closer and closer to the artifact, traps both mechanical and magical come more frequently and deadlier. Eventually coming to the point where there is an anti-magic field around the main room that houses the artifact and one last deadly super trap.
Requirements: Post in Tenrou Island
Reward: 500J

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