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Power Magic Stats

Post by Sayuri on Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:08 am

Power Magic Stats
E-Rank: With this rank, your magic can cause a little bit of pain to your opponent, but it will hardly be noticed by that person. It can not cause any physical or internal damage, it can cause no damage at all. For example, an E-rank ability could be a shield to protect you for 1/2 posts and can be broken with 2 E-rank attacks.

D-Rank: At D-rank, your magic can cause a small amount of damage. Such as bruises, scratches and a light feeling of pain. For example, it can have the same level of pain like a small headache. For example, at D-rank a wind mage can shoot out a palm of wind which will blast away his/her opponent for a few metres. This can also cause minor damage like stated at the beginning.

C-Rank: This rank can cause light damage, more damage than a D-rank obviously. It will leave such as small scars, big bruises and scratches and can cause a small amount of physical bleeding, maybe a bleeding nose or small wounds.

B-Rank: Getting attacked by this rank can cause quite some damage. It could cause physical bleeding, big cuts and scratches, big scars and even bruised bones.

A-Rank: From now on all attacks will cause you serious injuries. At this rank it can cause physical and internal bleeding, broken bones.

S-Rank: You can get seriously injured from a attack from this rank. Such as physical and internal bleeding, broken bones, ripped of flesh.

SS-Rank: This can cause some serious damage to someone, it is possible to have a 'near to death'-experience. It has hardly happened that someone had a near death experience when damaged by this rank. You have to get to the hospital very quick to get healed or otherwise it might not end good for you. It is possible to blow up parts of buildings, rip of body parts, break bones.

Guild Master: Can cause some serious injuries to someone, physical and internal damage. At this rank it can even blow up entire buildings. At this rank your magic will be that strong that it is able to kill someone. For example, the user has a very strong and destructive light energy that surrounds them, which destroys everything within that light.

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