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Magic Ban List

Post by Sayuri on Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:44 am

magic ban list

Here you can find the magic that is banned on this forum, as well as the magic that has limited spots to have type that magic. It is possible that some magics will switch from the ban list or the limited list in the future.

Caster Magic:
- Absorption Magic / Kirby Magic
- Airspace
- Amaterasu

- Body Restriction Magic

- Copy Magic

- Demon's Eye
- Dissassembly Magic
- Disspelling Magic

- Figure Eyes

- Magical Drain Magic
- Memory Control
- Memory Make Magic
- Mimic Magic

- Poison Magic
- Possesion Magic

- Rapture Magic
- Reflector Magic

- Stone Eyes

- Thought Projection

Holder Magic:
- Command Magic
- Fortune Telling Magic

Lost Magic:
- God Slayer

- Human Subordination Magic/Ruler's Magic

- Ushi no Koku Mairi

- Dragon Manipulation Magic

Black Arts:
- Death Magic

- Living Magic

limited magic list

Here you can find a list of different limited magic on this forum which require a RP sample as an application for the magic. You could apply and find more information about this here:

Caster Magic:
- Archive

- Crash Magic

- Gravity Magic

- Illusion Magic

- Take Over Magic
- Terrain Magic
- Titan Magic

Holder Magic:
- Angel Magic

- Celestial Spirit Magic

Lost Magic:
- Arc of Embodiment
- Arc of Time

- Dragon Slayer Magic

- Great Tree Arc

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