Magic Double Machine Guns

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Magic Double Machine Guns

Post by Sayuri on Mon Jun 03, 2013 1:03 am


Item Name: Magic Double Machine Guns
Item Type: Holder Magic Type
Range: Mid Range
Rank: B-Rank

Description: The user is capable of requipping a pair of large machine guns, which can be employed together, wielding one in each hand. This resembles the famous Thompson submachine gun, possessing handles on the front and similarly placed, round magazines. Each sports a large, reddish purple lacrima crystal, likely serving as “feeder” for magic ammunitions, on its upper part and is decorated by some spiralling motifs.

This gun is capable of firing magic bullets.

Weakness: Since the bullets come out quickly after one and another, the ammo rans out quickly. It takes about 4 posts to get full ammo back and before you can use it again.
Jewels: 7000 jewels

Quantity: 1

Female Posts : 237

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