Show off your heart!

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Show off your heart!

Post by Selene Rosethorn on Thu Jun 06, 2013 6:19 am

Show off your heart!

Job Name: Show off your heart!
Job Rank: D-Rank
Description: Heart Kreuz is debuting a new line of clothing for the summer! They are looking for good-looking mage to go out in public to model some of their new summer outfit in the street and give away promotional t-shirt to potential costumer! Don't try to just throw away the shirt to get the reward though, the management has taken measure to prevent that from happening. This job can be taken by anyone, even Dark Guild mage and can be taken by several people together or separately.
Requirements: at least 500 words no matter the number of post, must give away 10 t-shirt while wearing the outfit.
Reward: 400 jewel and you can keep the outfit!
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