Doll Play Magic

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Doll Play Magic

Post by Sayuri on Wed Aug 14, 2013 1:36 am

secondary magic

Magic Name: Doll Play Magic
Magic Type: Caster Magic

Magic Description: Doll Play Magic allows the user to take control of any object, including Celestial Spirits, except for humans. The user can even cancel out the Celestial Spirit Mage's recall of the spirit since both the spirit and the user need to be in agreement for it to happen. However, a spirit's gate can still be force closed. When the user takes control of Celestial Spirits, it seems that the user can only take control of their bodies, not their minds.

Weaknesses: This magic is limited to a time period which makes it vulnerable the longer you use your magic to control an object.

Specialness: Advanced users are capable of controlling more objects at the same time.

Jewels: 75.000 jewels

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